Welcome to the website of Lviv Holding AKURAT! 

     We are a company that belongs to the service, tourism, and production sector establishments, which is on the market for 21 years! We are a team that consists of over 400 members from all over the country! We are a part of the modern history of a tourist capital of Ukraine! From the time of foundation the number of establishments has increased almost three times. They have "scattered away" and are now are represented in big cities of Ukraine. The Holding provides services, which are in high-demand in the market for high-quality servicing. Our customer is our greatest asset and our top priority is the provision of new employment opportunities. All kinds of activities we are dealing with are represented on the website as well as all types of our establishments. We will be happy to see you among the visitors and friends of Lviv Holding "Akurat"! The success of the company depends on a team-work, a tightly-welded team, and clever managers,that is why in this section we will introduce you our administration.